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Episode 68: Goodbyes Aren't Forever, with Lee Caraher

This is our final episode of Focus Is Your Friend. We've really enjoyed bringing this podcast to you and talking with so many smart marketers about how to make traction in this crazy world. We’ve decided that we’re going to put our time into a more entertaining, storytelling format. So we’re ending Focus Is Your Friend so that we can bring you something even better soon.

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Chris Dayley

Episode 65: Testing for Success, with Chris Dayley

Drew Neisser, is the founder and CEO of Renegade, an award-winning agency that helps CMOs find innovative ways to break through. He is a true renegade thinker, and he has helped dozens and dozens of CMOs create marketing programs worth writing about, and he has told the story of over 200 of his CMO friends via his Ad Age column and his first book, The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing.

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