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Episode 61: A/B Test and Move, with Mike Porcaro

Building and growing businesses, from category creation to global expansion, is a passion of Mike Porcaro’s and it’s a through-line in his career. He believes that there are few things more satisfying than the sense of accomplishment a team feels when they’ve achieved what may have seemed impossible just a few months prior.


“A great idea wasn’t great only one time.” – Mike Porcaro


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Boomi: the world’s leading integration platform (the software that connects all your disparate systems)
  • How Mike took Boomi from credibility to credibility & awareness
  • Why he quickly hired experts in different fields to help Boomi grow
  • Ensuring ROI from your agency and why you must expect partner level work
  • Speaking to all consumers as humans
  • How to expand internationally by keeping your message hyperlocal with an appropriate amount of centralized consistency
  • Measuring how many people are talking about a business and making sure they’re talking about what you want them to talk about
  • Getting clear on what success looks like
  • A/B testing to figure out where to spend your marketing dollars
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