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Episode 62: Precision Targeted B2B Marketing on LinkedIn, with AJ Wilcox

AJ Wilcox is a digital marketing fanatic who found early success with LinkedIn Ads. He started B2Linked, a niche agency, and LinkedIn Certified Partner. He’s a ginger & triathlete. He & his wife live in Utah with their 4 kids, and his company car is a go-kart.


“The most beautiful part about LinkedIn is the targeting. It’s scalable access to professionals at a really granular level.” – AJ Wilcox


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The right-sized approach to using LinkedIn and Facebook for B2B marketing
  • Why you need to have a flexible strategy for many budgets
  • A data-driven strategy for engagement to find the right people and keep them
  • The best way to develop your relationship with an audience
  • How to create content for smart audience development
  • What it means to pay more to get more with LinkedIn
  • How to find that middle-ground of content and contact to maximize ROI
  • The easiest way to create content for white collar recruitment campaigns
  • Why LinkedIn offers the best targeting – market directly to companies you choose

Ways to contact AJ:

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