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Sarah Anderson

Episode 26: Don’t Take No For An Answer, with Sarah Anderson

A 25-year-veteran of the interactive entertainment industry, Sarah Anderson joined 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive, in May 2005. As the Senior Vice President of Marketing she leads global Marketing and Communications efforts for 2K. Under her leadership, the 2K team has published some of today's biggest games and established franchises, including critically acclaimed titles from the Battleborn, BioShock, Borderlands, Civilization, Evolve, Mafia, NBA 2K, WWE 2K and XCOM series. Sarah has applied her understanding of the audience and quest for innovative marketing techniques that deliver results, to the marketing and communications of hundreds of games.

Sarah has a BFA in graphic design from Paier College of Art and an MBA in marketing from the Graduate School of Management at the University of San Francisco. In her spare time, she might be found enjoying the Bay Area's live music scene, taking a bootcamp class or being a lacrosse mom.

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Dave Karraker

Episode 24: Pay Attention to Consumer Behavior, with Dave Karraker

In his role at the US division of Gruppo Campari, the world's sixth-largest premium wine and spirits company, Dave's days are focused on creating consumer relationships through engagement, sharing, conversation, and education all of which leads to advocacy. His duties cover influencer relations, public relations, social media, events, licensing, philanthropy, partnerships, and celebrity marketing. Campari America's 30+ brand portfolio features SKYY Vodka, Wild Turkey, Grand Marnier, Cinzano, Aperol, and, of course, Campari. Dave has more than two decades of marketing and communications experience working on some of the world's most engaging brands, including Sony, Virgin, Martha Stewart, Stoli, Makers Mark, Microsoft, Kmart, and Sega. A former television reporter for NBC and CBS, his most humiliating moment came from his appearance on Wheel of Fortune (he didn't win).

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Jessica Rhodes

Episode 19: How to Host a Podcast That Will Grow Your Business, with Jessica Rhodes

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of InterviewConnections.com, the premier Guest Booking agency for podcasters and guest experts, and she is the acclaimed author of RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic!

Jessica is also the host of Interview Connections TV, where each week she helps her viewers rock the podcast from both sides of the mic. She hosts/co-hosts three podcasts: Rhodes to Success, The Podcast Producers and The Parenting Rhodes. The Podcast Producers was selected by Apple as a How to Podcast show in iTunes and has also been included in the syllabus for a course about podcasting and audio journalism at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

Jessica is has been a speaker at Podcast Movement, Podfest.us and Dream Business Academy. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two kids.

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Renata Amaral

Episode 17: The Importance of Branding - Who Are You -- and Who Are You Not?, with Renata Amaral

To say Renata is passionate about branding and design would be an understatement. Anyone who is in the room while she talks about one of her many projects, or shows off a new design hot off the press will instantly feel it’s something more. And be careful, her excitement is contagious too. It’s palpable. It’s love, a real love for turning complex ideas into tangible and beautiful things. A deep admiration of the power to reveal elevated principles through smart design.

Since 2003, Renata Amaral has specialized in brand development and design, getting her start with some of the best agencies in Brazil such as FLAG and Ogilvy where she cut her teeth working in client services leading a team of creatives to deliver quality work to some of the world's biggest brands. It was here where her love affair with branding started as she began to intensely study design and develop her own unique creative process.

A bit disillusioned by the status quo of the U.S. job marketplace in 2009 (as were most folks that year), she felt there must be a better way to both live and work, and wondered if the two really had to be at odds. The elusive work­​life­​balance always seemed to be a trade​off where neither side wins. As most good books find their way to you at ju​st the right time, ​Funky Business found its way to Renata that year and it inspired her to create a new kind of business, one that served the needs of its clients of course, but one that also inspired its employees, a place where people could do interesting work and still be authentic to who they are and what makes them truly happy.

These ideas prompted her to follow her entrepreneurial instincts and start her own business, EAT Creative Studio. EAT is a creative agency that helps companies tell their brand story through design, technology and experiential art. Through a thoughtful brand analysis process, they help companies unleash the strongest brand possible. Not forgetting about the ethos of happy and inspired employees, EAT has a unique organizational structure with no central office, which allows employees to live anywhere they want, where they feel the most engaged and inspired. Despite their distance, the team works closely together and get plenty of face­​­to​face time over Google Hangouts (and every other emerging platform of the month.) It’s this model precisely that has helped EAT retain top creative talent and produce the best work for their clients as their team pulls in inspiration from the global zeitgeist, living in diverse places such as Paris, Berlin, and Brazil. From their humble beginnings, with a little sweat and a lot of heart, EAT now works with some of today’s most exciting start​ups and globally well­​known brands that are shaping the future of industries such as entertainment, gaming, music, fashion, and tech.

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Janet Ball

Episode 7: Don’t Mistake Intuition For Marketing, with Janet Ball

Janet Ball is a strategic growth director at PayPal. In this role she manages a portfolio of large enterprise clients which represents more than $600 million in sales. Janet is a Silicon Valley veteran who survived the dot com bust and went on to leadership and strategic consulting roles with many early-stage internet companies prior to joining PayPal 7 years ago. She discovered her passion for the customer and honed her strategic marketing skills early in her career while working for world-class ad agencies in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Janet earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Kentucky and is an avid fan of the Kentucky Wildcats. She also has taken several leadership classes in pursuit of a Certificate of Business Excellence at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Janet lives in San Mateo, CA where she is mom to two boys and two golden retrievers.

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Lee Caraher Solocast Episode #1

Episode 2: Sharpen Your Mental Acuity, with Lee Caraher

Lee Caraher, the founder and CEO of Double Forte PR & Digital Marketing, is an acclaimed communication strategist known for her practical solutions to big problems. She started Double Forte Public Relations and Digital Marketing in 2002 to work with great people doing great work for great clients. Lee and her companies have worked with some of America’s top consumer and technology brands. She holds a bachelor’s degree in medieval history, which she finds useful every day. Active in the community, she lives with her husband and two sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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