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Episode 5: What Startups Looking For Funding Need to Know, with Rebekah Wu

Rebekah Wu founded Right-Hand Partners based on her own experiences as an entrepreneur seeking start-up capital. During those years, she attended and presented at venture conferences, built out a team, developed the products, and hired consultants and professional service providers. Even after spending thousands of dollars and hours, she was often unsatisfied with the results for her money and time. She found very few providers that produced deliverables that proved they could see through the eyes of the entrepreneur.

Therefore, Rebekah decided to be THE “solution” for entrepreneurs… someone that could be counted upon as a “right-hand partner”: to often make the first move on behalf of her clients, to facilitate critical introductions, and to catalyze business transactions that will catapult them to the next level. Right-Hand Partners has done just that, working selectively with cutting-edge startup companies and leading venture capital and angel groups throughout the SF Bay Area.

Since founding RHP in 2001, Rebekah has coached 50+ companies that raised over $250M of venture capital. 25 of those companies have been acquired totaling ~$1B. She has produced over 150 events bringing together active VCs and quality entrepreneurs. Because of Rebekah’s vast network of venture capitalists, strategic investors and serial entrepreneurs, she has expanded their services to include executive recruiting for emerging technology companies.

Rebekah was not only an experienced Founder and CEO of a software startup, but she was previously the E-Commerce Strategy Mgr. at a Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, and a Regional Mgr. of Internet Solutions at AT&T. Rebekah’s passion is singing sacred medieval and early music and is currently a soprano in the Cathedral Schola and Chalice Consort.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Rebekah started Right-Hand Partners and what it is that they do
  • The number one mistake early-stage startups make
  • How Rebekah helps startups identify the right investors
  • The four priorities of venture capitalists
  • What to do when making the pitch
  • Mistakes people make in due diligence
  • What you need to know about having a board advisors
  • Rebekah’s view of the women in Silicon Valley topic
  • Rebekah’s one piece of advice for startups ready for funding

Ways to contact Rebekah:

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