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Episode 44: How to be an Effective Internal Communicator, with Mimi Garrity Denman

It may be an overused word but Mimi is truly passionate about helping create truly outstanding workplaces.

Throughout her career, she has taken many business and personality assessments. With very few exceptions she weighs heavily towards creativity plus organization a combination that is highly unique she’s been told. Due to this combination of strengths, she’s had a very well-rounded background and experienced success as a strategist, a creative problem solver, a designer, a writer, a leader and a consultant. She’s worked in marketing, public relations, events, brand reputation, internal communications, design, corporate social responsibility, and executive communications. She’s worked for HR, Marketing and even once for Legal!

Mimi is currently a Senior Partner at her consulting firm, Streamline Communications, in the San Francisco Bay area, that specializes in internal communication and graphic design.


“It’s absolutely no fun to implement a bad idea.” – Mimi Garrity Denman


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Mimi’s passion for creating a great workplace
  • Why communication has to be two-way to work
  • Why your internal communication has to be just as creative as external communication
  • Why internal communications belongs in the communication department, not in HR
  • Why every company needs an internal communications department from the very beginning
  • How tools like Slack and Yammer are great for internal communications
  • Why internal communication needs to be multichannel — just like external communications
  • Why internal communications people must have well-rounded skill sets
  • How to effectively plan out your internal communications

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