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Episode 11: Put Your Audience First, with Michael Lupetin

Michael Lupetin is the Vice President of Marketing and Brand for KQED and the most listened and watched public media station in the country in developing consistent and engaging marketing, communications, and fundraising initiatives. Overseeing membership and pledge activities, he is charged with finding new and innovative ways to broaden KQED’s audience reach while building deeper engagement with our members. Lupetin also brings a clear focus to the organization’s marketing and communications efforts, including advertising, audience insights, social media, public relations, community engagement, government relations, design and creative services.

Before joining KQED, Lupetin served as Vice President of Group Programming for Moxie Interactive, where he developed digital media strategies for a wide range of clients including BBC America, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, and 20th Century Fox. Prior to Moxie, Lupetin worked on the launch of Apple iTunes; the strategic marketing plan for Blue from American Express; and the rebranding of Showtime Networks.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What makes KQED Public Media different from other public media and commercial stations
  • Why KQED puts the needs of their audience first — and what makes that so rare
  • What goes into the customer donations pledge drives – and why they’re so effective
  • How KQED stays ahead in the fast-changing media marketplace
  • Why Michael wants to see age demographics go away
  • Why doing making a big splash on one campaign is better than spreading money thin across two or more campaigns
  • Why wishing you could do more isn’t exclusive to small companies — and what Michael wishes he could do that he doesn’t have the time for
  • Learning by watching what companies that do completely different things do



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