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Liz O’Donnell (Part 4)

Episode 54: How to Make Content Actionable, with Liz O’Donnell

Liz O’Donnell is Double Forte’s Chief Content Officer, responsible for the firm’s and its client’s digital marketing and social media strategies. She blogs regularly for the agency on the dynamic world of social media, digital communication and being heard in a very loud world.

Active in her community, Liz is a member of her town’s warrant and finance committee and co-founded Women in Democracy, a non-partisan organization that encourages women to run for local office.


“Make sure your content is easy to consume.” – Liz O’Donnell


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What actionable content is
  • Why all content needs an action
  • Mixing content to reach customers at different times for different lengths of time based on where they are in the customer journey
  • How many channels your business needs to be on
  • How content gives customers context
  • Building what action you want into your content map
  • Be realistic: why you shouldn’t expect people to leave comments
  • Being explicit on the actions you want your audience to take
  • The top three ways to make content actionable

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