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Lee Caraher Solocast Episode #12

Episode 39: Five Books to Read in Q1, with Lee Caraher

So many books, so little time! We’ve taken the guesswork away by highlighting the best books you need to read this quarter.


“Each of these books has five nuggets that you can apply to your programs today that can help you have better results by next quarter.” – Lee Caraher


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you and your team should read books together
  • “Pre-Suasion” Robert Cialdini’s book about why the moment before you deliver your message is so crucial
  • “Influence” Robert Cialdini’s essential book about how to get people to say yes
  • “Google Analytics Breakthrough” Feras Alhlou, Shiraz Asif, & Eric Fettman’s book that covers everything you need to know about Google Analytics
  • “Hug Your Haters” Jay Baer’s book about why you will learn so much from people who complain (and the negative cost ignoring them has)
  • “Contagious” Jonah Berger’s book about the difference between content that goes viral and content that doesn’t


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