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Episode 37: How to Know When You Shouldn’t Hire a PR Firm, with Kristen Ruby

Kristen Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a full-service Public Relations and Social Media Agency in Manhattan. Ruby is one of the preeminent social media experts in America. Ruby is a pioneer in the world of social media and tech trends and is a frequent on-air contributor to FOX Business, Good Morning America and countless other networks. Kris was chosen by the Business Council of Westchester as the youngest “40 Under 40″ Rising Stars. Most recently, Ruby has been featured on Bravo as “one of the pre-eminent social media experts in the field.” For more information or to book Kris Ruby for a segment, visit www.krisruby.com.


“You should hire a PR person if you really want someone to package your brand properly and get you out there.” – Kristen Ruby


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Kristen’s article “Top 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire a Publicist”
  • Why a publicist cannot get you instant, overnight results
  • Why you shouldn’t hire a publicist if you don’t want to do any work
  • Why you need to dedicate the time to do the thinking required for thought leadership
  • Some of the unrealistic expectations placed on outsourced PR that isn’t placed on in-house PR
  • Why you shouldn’t do PR because you want to be famous
  • Why a good PR person cannot accept money for a story they know won’t get place
  • Why PR cannot solve inherent business issues
  • Why you have to be willing to drop everything when the journalist is ready
  • Reasons that you should hire a PR person

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