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Episode 42: Why Marketing and Sales Must Coexist, with Kendra Lee

In spite of starting her career in accounting, failing IBM’s entry level sales exam, being given a territory that had never bought anything, and being told she couldn’t sell without an engineering background, Kendra Lee entered the sales profession and proved those naysayers wrong. She turned her knowledge of numbers into her own approach to lead generation taking her to the top 1% of sales professionals in each IT company she sold for. She founded KLA Group, a sales and marketing agency, to consult, train and Do it For You so others, too, could beat the odds in sales and marketing and get more customers.

Under Kendra’s direction, her organization has assisted entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, marketers, and salespeople for over 20 years in penetrating SMB markets in just 12 weeks, increasing referrals more than 328% in just 7 weeks, and multiplying new client acquisition more than 31% year over year.

Kendra is the author of the award-winning books “The Sales Magnet” and “Selling Against the Goal.”


“Marketing can only go so far. At some point, a salesperson still has to pick up the phone.” – Kendra Lee


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The relationship between sales and marketing
  • Why companies with strong marketing don’t have to spend as much sales time on prospecting
  • How to successfully nurture leads while using tools like CRM systems
  • Why anyone can learn to sell — and Kendra’s tips for learning to sell
  • The role of introverts and extroverts in sales and marketing
  • Why marketing can only go so far
  • Why you need to have salespeople involved in marketing campaigns
  • How to maximize your resources and grow marketing dollars to have more to spend on bigger projects
  • KLA’s Recognition ROI infographic

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