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Episode 58: Get Your Mindset Right, with Ken Rutsky

Ken helps B2B growth company executives in sales, marketing, and the C-Suite to breakthrough, achieve, and grow market leadership in new and existing markets. His clients not only lead, they improve key sales and marketing metrics like leads to revenue and opportunities to close.

Ken has spent 20+ years in B2B marketing roles, launching the Intel Inside broadcast co-op program in 1991 and the Internet’s first affiliate marketing program, Netscape Now, at Netscape from 1995-99; has been CMO at several start-ups; and has run network security marketing at McAfee.

In the 7 years of his consulting practice, Ken’s clients – including FireEye, Nimsoft, and others – have generated over $6B of shareholder value through IPOs and acquisitions, while several others have reached private equity valuations of $1B+.


“What really I do is encourage my clients to do is use a framework I call AIM. And AIM stands for Approach, Innovation, and Mindset.” – Ken Rutsky


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ken’s book “Launching To Leading” and how his blog led to his book
  • The danger of getting stuck in the launch and always looking for that next feature
  • How to get people to pay attention to you by telling the right story
  • AIM: approach, innovation, and mindset
  • Minimal viable product vs a more robust product: what you need to pay attention to
  • Why customer loyalty is the only differentiation you really have
  • Putting all your resources towards your best marketing plan

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