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Episode 38: Base Your Content Marketing Around Trends, with Julie Kim

Julie developed Saison Beauty to bring together her passion for luxurious skin care treatments, eco health-friendly products, and holistic health.

Prior to launching Saison, Julie spent 20 years as a global brand marketing and e-commerce executive at leading companies across several industries including beauty and skincare, retail, fashion, food and beverage, and consumer electronics.

Most recently Julie was the marketing director for Gap Online International, overseeing the marketing of the Gap Europe, Gap Japan, and Banana Republic Europe e-commerce sites. While at Gap Inc., Julie also worked for the Gap Inc. Direct Marketing Strategy and Old Navy Online divisions.

Julie also worked with a number of other global brands and companies including Shu Uemura, Aveda, The Body Shop, Elle Magazine Interactive, Cosmopolitan Magazine Interactive, Fox Interactive (The Simpsons, Die Hard, The X-Files), Mattel Interactive (Barbie, Hot Wheels, Matchbox), Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Hitachi Home Electronics and NEC Electronics.


“Whatever is the easiest to execute that is going to give me the highest result, that’s where I tend to lean my focus on.” – Julie Kim


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Saison: Julie’s company that she started to educate people about seasonal skin care
  • Why understanding your customer is crucial (especially when you’re working with limited resources)
  • Informing content marketing strategy through SEO research
  • Google Trends: how to use this fantastic tool to find the top queries for your niche keywords
  • How to create content that matches top trends
  • Google Data Studio: a new tool from Google that Julie has been utilizing for tracking data
  • How to figure out what social media platforms to focus on and why you must cater to them individually
  • Why you should focus on high-impact, low-effort projects when you can
  • Why you should leverage and lean on your community

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