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Episode 48: Stop Wasting Time, with Marketing VP Jay Krishnan

With more than 20 years of experience in technology, SaaS, and B2B offerings, Jay Krishnan, Automile’s Vice President of Marketing, brings deep expertise in small business and enterprise marketing to the rapidly growing company. Prior to joining Automile, she led product marketing at fast-growing startups, accelerating growth and market leadership. She also drove go to market strategy for mobile and was an innovation catalyst during her tenure with Intuit. An accomplished change agent and thought leader, she speaks at several leading industry events on technology trends impacting different industries.


“Marketers often get too busy that they forget to carve out needed time with their customers.” – Jay Krishnan


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jay’s unique balance of marketing and technology
  • How Automile’s fleet tracking service works
  • What makes Automile’s hardware/SaaS blend so difficult
  • Why everything at Automile is customer first
  • Why startups and small companies shouldn’t forget that they can take risks big companies can’t
  • Why startups have to narrow down their customer targets
  • Why you need to think about both the purchaser experience and the user experience (and why these are often not the same thing)
  • How to test different marketing efforts to figure out which one to put your resources into

Ways to contact Jay:


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