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January 2017 Recap

Episode 30: Listen To What Your Customers Are Telling You, with Lee Caraher

In our final episode of January, we look back at some of the best lessons we learned this month from Ian Garlic, Sarah Anderson, and Dave Karraker.


“When is the last time you went on Twitter and just listened to what your customers are saying about your brand?” – Lee Caraher


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why listening is the biggest skill that you can teach your team
  • The campaign Lee created just by listening to her customers at SEGA that had more traction than SEGA’s competitors without creating a new product
  • Why you need to tell the right story at the right time (Ian Garlic)
  • Collecting your customers’ stories (Ian Garlic)
  • Why you can’t assume your audience is who they’ve been in the past (Sarah Anderson)
  • Using your intuition when working with data (Sarah Anderson)
  • Why you shouldn’t take no for an answer and should just negotiate until you get what you want (Sarah Anderson)
  • Listening with your eyes and paying attention to how people are interacting with your product (Dave Karraker)

Full interviews:

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