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Episode 25: Listen to What Your Customers Want, with Ian Garlic

Ian Garlic brings over 15 years of inbound marketing experience, deep knowledge of commerce and understanding of current market trends. With the ability to capitalize all of your current assets and come up with countless quality ideas for your online marketing, Ian is a prime mentor for upcoming marketing gurus.

Currently, Ian is the CEO of authenticWEB, a multi-talented online agency based Orlando, FL. His team works daily on exquisite website designs, innovative marketing strategies, outstanding video production and top rated search engine optimization.


“If people only marketed with their customers’ stories, they would have brilliant businesses that no one could take away.” – Ian Garlic


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Key performance indicators: how to use KPI to keep yourself on track
  • What good SEO looks like
  • How to use limited resources to their full potential
  • Why you need to be ready to pivot
  • Ian’s must read books for business and marketing
  • Why you need to start collecting your customers’ stories

Ways to contact Ian:

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