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Episode 35: Tell Your Founding Story, with Heather Hawkins

Heather helps companies in the wellness and outdoor industries elevate their brand message to increase the positive impact they have on their consumers and communities. She believes a thoughtful communication program is about more than just volume, it’s about identifying who matters most to your company in order to reach them in an authentic way. With an ever-expanding arsenal of earned, owned and paid communication tools, it’s more important than ever to match the right consumer to the right channel and the right message for the past two-plus decades, she’s been doing just that for consumer brands including CLIF Bar, Camelbak, Sega of America, Bell Helmets, Sony Computer Entertainment, Maroon 5 and more. She’d love to hear how she can help you, too.

Away from her laptop, she’s an endurance junkie who lives and breathes the wellness and outdoor lifestyle– trail ultras, road marathons, triathlons, Mudders and more. If it sounds like a miserable way to spend a Sunday morning to most sane people, it’s probably right up her alley. She’s also a lifelong learner, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach who loves to geek out on the finer points of sports nutrition and physiology.


“Focus on one thing and see what the results are before moving on to the next thing. Otherwise, how do you know what moved the needle for you?” – Heather Hawkins


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why an authentic founding story is a great marketing tool, how to tell a great one, and what you should focus on if you don’t have that founding story
  • Why you need to work on telling your story until you can tell it naturally
  • Why authenticity is key in telling your story
  • How to educate your consumers about what you do well and not have it feel self-serving
  • Why it’s okay to adapt the way your company does business when new research comes out
  • Why you should focus on one initiative at a time

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