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Episode 67: An Extreme Marketing Makeover, with Erin Dwyer

Erin Dwyer is a marketing guru with a passion and enthusiasm for the digital world. Erin is currently the SVP of Ecommerce, Social and Digital Marketing for a cosmetics company in Orange County, CA. Erin started her career in the advertising side of the business and has worked at prestigious agencies throughout her career including J Walter Thompson, DDB, Wong Doody and TBWA/Chiat/ Day. She’s worked in gaming, software technology and entertainment categories. With digital’s impact on all industries, Erin’s aim is to help companies and brands understand how to use the space and navigate it to bring them desired results and prepare for what’s next.

“The most important thing for anyone in any category is to realize that the concept of marketing as we once knew it is basically over.” – Erin Dwyer

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What today’s marketing mix looks like and how to stay relevant
  • How to find value in your marketing approach and tactics while looking outside the box
  • How to realize that marketing isn’t a function, but rather the DNA of your organization
  • How to think about your company’s strategy and add value in a more altruistic way
  • How to show who you are and who your company wants to be
  • How to lean on others and share information to achieve better results
  • How to keep an active social presence for a brand
  • How to prioritize

Ways to contact Erin:

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