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Episode 31: Do What They Need — Not What They Want, with Doris Hobbs

Doris Hobbs is an accomplished, published writer, marketing and media consultant with a successful history of leading her clients to deliver business results and sale solutions.

Doris understands all aspects of today’s complex media and marketing landscape given her 10+ years of experience across traditional and digital publication platforms, integrated media with a digital focus, publishing and social media marketing.

Doris is recognized around the world for helping luxury brands get published in magazines, elevating social media presence, where she provides modeling, product placement, brand marketing, skilled writing, and professional photography. Her past clients have obtained multiple pages within a number of premier magazine publications which have included cover exposure, exclusive profile interviews and profitable media campaigns.

She writes and models on topics of business, branding, fashion news, and style trends for a number of publications, not to mention, her own website at www.richinlovefashion.com.


“If you’re not being authentic, it’s going to show.” – Doris Hobbs


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What makes the luxury category different from other brands
  • How Doris helps her luxury brand clients set the right price point
  • Why authenticity is the #1 most important thing for any brand
  • Why you need great photography on your Instagram feed
  • Why you can’t do social media on the fly
  • How to use one project to launch another one (and why this is the best way to maximize limited resources)
  • Why — if she could do anything — Doris would expand her business into motivational speaking
  • Doris’ Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and how she didn’t allow it to control her
  • Why you need to keep the 5-by-5 rule close to you (if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t give it 5 minutes of your time)
  • Doris’ cross media marketing strategy that gives her clients the most bang for their buck

Ways to contact Doris:

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