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Episode 1: Do What Matters First, with Adam Stein

Adam Stein is a sought after marketing consultant who goes into companies to set up, drive momentum and build marketing capacity. He has more than 25 years of marketing and public affairs leadership at enterprise software, semiconductor, networking, security and marketing service firms. He has helped four different early-stage innovators grow to either IPO or achieve a highly-profitable acquisition exit. His most recent company-side role was as VP Mobile Product Marketing at SAP helped the company build a cohesive mobile portfolio approach with the SAP HANA Cloud to boost mindshare for its 300,000 customers, 1,000s of partners and Global 2000 prospects. Adam began his marketing career in Boston (working alongside Double Forte founder Lee Caraher) leading marketing services agencies and holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from Emerson College and a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why businesses must start by focusing on what their customers’ problems are
  • How to hone in on an audience once you know what the problem is that you’re solving
  • Testing through Product Messaging Documents
  • Why your product/service doesn’t need to be perfect the first time
  • Strategies Adam uses to reach his audience
  • Information channels Adam recommends for people in the B2B space
  • What Adam learned when putting an old product in new box failed badly
  • Need more money? Find more money!
  • What Adam measures in a campaign to make sure he’s on track to deliver ROI
  • What people can do today to improve their website programs
  • How to blend the old and the new with online marketing

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